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Our book tells the story of Good King Wenceslas as he is known from the popular Christmas carol. The book is unique: there has been nothing like it published before in the English-speaking world. It covers the early history of Bohemia and Central Europe, and how young Wenceslas was born into the ruling dynasty of Bohemian dukes, princes and kings. Good King Wenceslas is also known as Saint Wenceslas (in the UK) or Saint Wenceslaus (in the USA).

The early days of Christianity in this land brought the very first written script among Slavonic people, created for them by the Greek missonary Saint Cyril. This writing was later developed into the Cyrillic script used in present day Russia and other Eastern European countries. Bohemia, over time, adopted Latin script, as western influence prevailed.

The reader can learn not only about the life and death of Wenceslas, but also the history of his country after his death, with interesting stories like that of the Anglo-Saxon Princess Adivea (Elfgifa), daughter of King Edward the Elder, who was married, far from England, to Wenceslas's nephew, Boleslav II.

Historical places are described so that a would-be visitor to Prague and the Czech Republic would find the book interesting as a historial and geographical guide.

Good King Wenceslas - The Real Story has 108 pages on A5 format. In its first edition, it is a collectors' item. The book has seventy nine illustrations and photographs, mainly in colour.

The author, Jan Rejzl is happy to sign and dedicate the book for you. Please use the Contact Us page to send any dedication to us when you make your order.

The following outline of the book, shows some of the illustrations.