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Legends and archaeology tell us about the early days of the Slavonic people in Bohemia. One legend, about Duchess Libuse, describes us how she was judging a dispute between two men. An unfair criticism of her judgment by the man who lost his dispute made her call for Premysl, a ploughman, to become her husband and to rule with her. Thus the foundation was laid for the Premyslid dynasty of dukes, princes and kings which ruled Bohemia for almost a thousand years.

The arrival of Christianity from Moravia brought the first writing in the Slavonic language and also introduced wine growing, and new customs and practices such as building with stone and mortar. The first church of St Clement was built in the Roman way by Wenceslas's grandfather, Borivoj, in Levy Hradec, Premyslid's main castle before a new seat was established in Prague.

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